Give Your Residence A Modern Look A Nature-Inspired LANDSCAPE!!!


Just visualise your residence or its terrace garden or an apartment, having a well-maintained green spaces, infused with properly-trimmed hedges, and lush flower-beds.

Sounds too heavenly!!!!!

Make your own setting such a heaven with a landscape that is a feast to the eyes and a visual treat to the senses, enlisting the expertise of BABYLON LANDSCAPES.


Whether it’s a corporate campus or a resort or a hotel or a business complex, landscaping surroundings will instantly send across the first impression and influence the way in which people feel about it and perceive its value. An attractive landscape design with eye-catching aesthetics will send across the right message, significantly uplifting its brand value.

BABYLON LANDSCAPES provides professionally-designed commercial landscape supplemented by support-services that will transform your commercial setting’s look;


Babylon Landscapes specialises in vertical gardens landscape that maximises the available wall space, giving the house or office a unique curb appeal, setting it apart from others of its kind on the block. At Babylon, we strive to bring natural wilderness into our projects, culminating in a garden on the wall where each plant grows and unfolds to its full capacity, in all climatic conditions – hot, humid, dry, or cool.

Big cities have a huge problem on hand, lack of adequate space. It’s particularly a serious issue in growing cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc.


A landscaped garden should be a place which feels fresh and invigorating for a morning and evening walk. This is where a water element adds that unique freshness that’s at once so relaxing and soothing.

BABYLON LANDSCAPES specialises in giving your landscape an innovative water body touch from fountains to pools, ponds or streams, in various sizes and shapes will give your landscape a different look and feel. Most importantly, BABYLON can work out water features indoors or outdoors, that will bring alive the landscape with flowing water.


First impressions counts!!!!

To make your landscape’s first impression count, you need to ensure its all-round maintenance and make sure it retains its spark and lustre all-year around.

This is where BABYLON LANDSCAPES Annual Maintenance Contract will take care of your landscape in line with the best of quality standards and excellent customer care.


  • GRASS CUTTING / LAWN CARE: Involves grass trimming and strimming, with regular lawn care, keeping your site healthy and beautiful.
  • WEEDING: Involves trimming, pruning, and shaping of hedges, shrubs, plants and trees.
  • PLANTING: Involves investigation of the plant’s conditions, with dissemination of fertilising and nutrition to plants.
  • GENERAL MAINTENANCE: Involves cleaning removal of leaves and debris, and cleaning paving and driveaways.

We have trained professionals with the appropriate tools and machinery, who will design, create and maintain your landscape, with regular checks.

Further, with BABYLON LANDSCAPES, you get:

  • Trustworthy, safety and security aware maintenance workers;
  • Regular team / contract reviews; &
  • Any other extra tasks spotted by our team that will be reported to you and then worked out as per your needs.


We offer PLANTS & POTS ON RENTALS with a broad range of plants catering to every type of climate and categories, as per your office and place ambiance and budget.

By taking on rentals from us, you:

  • Get plants that will look always good and fresh, and regularly maintained.
  • Benefit from the wealth of design ideas and guidance, from our expert professionals.
  • Save precious money that would otherwise be incurred on buying plants and containers.
  • Get the benefit of quality maintenance service that will save you from the worry of plant-caring which can be time-consuming and expensive as well.


  • Care of everything from cutting to layering, watering and manure giving.
  • Free delivery and installation.
  • Periodic maintenance service visits.
  • Periodic watering and fertilising of plants.
  • Periodic dusting and polishing of plants.
  • Replacements for plants. This will ensure high standards.


How about sending a long-lasting plant-gift to a loved one or a dear colleague / friend?

There is nothing like a PLANT that will thrive and grow presenting hues of colours and textures.

Take a look at our plant beds and see how valued they are, We have layers of plants including hanging plants, to create a picture of beauty at all heights.

The chosen PLANT GIFT is sent in custom-made boxes to ensure that they reach the recipient in neat and perfect condition.

We’ll Be Happy To Work With You To Create Your Dream LANDSCAPE!!!